The Humipro preparation

Using our accumulated experience and following many years of research, we have created a unique humic preparation called HumiPro, which provides universal benefits for all types of plants and soil.

The effects of HumiPro on the plant are as follows:

  1. Increase in the resistance of plants to diseases and parasitic microflora, as the displacement of pathogen from its habitat is promoted, while its nutrition is suppresses or it is transferred to a saprophyte. The plants treated with this drug are much less affected by diseases and pests (root rot, nematodes and others).
  2. Help in transferring the increased doses of salts in the soil to the plants. The formula affects the plant both through its leaves and through a chain of soil roots.
  3. HumiPRO can significantly reduce the frequency of seed treatment with fungicides during the growing season. With the further development and testing of the base HumiPro preparation, in the future it may be possible to completely abandon fungicides, as HumiPro has a number of advantages including nontoxicity and a low concentration of use.
  4. Increase in the content of vitamins and minerals in the plants.
  5. Stimulated growth of the plants due to the acceleration of cell division, thanks to the organic humic groups contained therein (humic acids, fulvic acids, gimatomelane group, amino acids, pectins, carboxylic acids and monosaccharides).
  6. HumiPro acts in a complex way, providing the plants with strength and an increased resistance to diseases, droughts and frosts, while causing an acceleration of the plant’s metabolism, enhancing photosynthesis and increasing the biomass, resulting in an improved quality and yield of agricultural crops and restored soil fertility.
  7. Improvement in the product quality by increasing its viability, level of nutrition and its market quality.
  8. HumiPro acts on the plant both through its leaves and through the chain of “soil-roots”.
  9. Humic acids, which are the components of HumiPro, intensify the synthesis of nucleic acids. This is important for the strengthening of plants, since all forms of nucleic acid are involved in protein synthesis. Once they get onto the plant they reach the chlorophyll in the leaves, and this intensifies the perception of ultraviolet rays and accelerates the process of photosynthesis and respiration.
  10. Stimulation of crop growth. When HumiPro is used for soaking seeds and top dressing, it acts as a growth stimulant. Therefore, the periods of vegetation are shortened, the plant grows faster and the yield increases.


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