The company UAB Agroorganika was established in 2017 in Lithuania. The vision was to create effective products with visual results that would speak for themselves. We developed the products in collaboration with scientists, agronomists and farmers. We conducted product research at Kazakh universities with the best specialists in the country. Finally, we can deliver our products to the Lithuanian market. Wide product range, high efficiency, obvious results. All our fertilizers are liquid concentrates. A wide range of suitable products will be found by everyone, both professionals and amateurs. Fertilizer concentrates work well with each other to achieve the highest results. The range is very wide, so you will find a choice to suit every culture.
One of the main products is liquid nitrogen fertilizer N-PRO and N-PRO for different crops.
Specialist N – PRO Nitrogen Fertilizer N PRO is a new product for nitrogen enrichment in plant nutrition. The composition of the fertilizer is optimized not only to improve nitrogen supply, but also to improve nitrogen uptake processes in plants and to improve nitrogen metabolism in plants. N-PRO provides the plant with the necessary amount of nitrogen, which is especially important during the period of intensive plant growth. Fertilization develops the roots faster, the plant obtains nutrients faster, the growth and development of the plant accelerates, and the yellowing of the leaves disappears. Nitrogen stimulates and regulates many plant vital and growth-related processes.
Humi-PRO humic fertilizer
What determines the fertility of the soil?
Practice and research have linked soil fertility to the amount of humus in the soil – the thicker the humus layer, the more fertile the soil.
Humic compounds perform many functions in nature. One of them is accumulation: it accumulates chemical elements and energy that are necessary for living organisms. This means that humic substances are responsible for the viability of soil biota. Humic substances remain unchanged for thousands of years, ensuring the uninterrupted supply of energy and nutrients to microorganisms and plants, constantly providing living organisms with the necessary nutrients according to their needs and at the same time conserving nutrient reserves. At humic substances and different from mineral compounds that can provide plants with nutrients. Mineral compounds are usually found in readily soluble forms and are rapidly consumed by plants or leached from the soil.
Our Humi-PRO fertilizer will help your soil stay fertile and provide your plants with the nutrients they need.

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