Advantages of Humipro over similar fertilisers

Humate made from peat is the most complex and valuable of the produced analogues; HumiPro has a high content of humic acid at up to 80%;
all components of the preparation (humic acids, fulvic acids, microelements) are contained in a mobile form, which allows the plants to absorb 100% of these elements; HumiPro does not contain preservatives; the preparation has an unlimited shelf life; HumiPro has low consumption rates per 1 ha.

The application of HumiPro results in a reduction of production costs. HumiPro can be introduced together with plant protection products without causing a reaction, which allows farmers not only to avoid additional costs, but also to reduce the damage to crops resulting from pesticides. In addition, a soil treatment with HumiPro reduces the amount of required mineral fertilisers by 30-50% (saltpetre, nitroammophoska), which also consequently decreases the cost of production.

HumiPro is a universal preparation that is suitable for all plants and soil.
HumiPro’s performance:

  • HumiPro is very effective when planting crops. Before planting, the seeds are pre-soaked in a HumiPro solution. The timing and concentration are chosen depending on the crop to be sown. Pre-soaking will provide a 33% higher yield and 0.9% higher protein content in grains when compared to controlled planting without HumiPro.
  • HumiPro provides a good result when watering all planted crops with the solution three times a season. In this way, the soil will be constantly stimulated and activated, while the assimilation of fertilisers is activated as well.
  • HumiPro is very effective when used for watering lawns and grass in countries where high temperatures prevail. By introducing HumiPro, the root system of the lawn is strengthened, and in cases of high heat the grass will remain green. HumiPro should be applied to lawns and grass once per week.
  • HumiPro acts effectively in greenhouses where there is a constant increase in the ambient temperature.
  • HumiPro effectively affects the roots of plants. After using HumiPro, the roots of the plants will stretch by three times or more.
    Introduction of HumiPro to the soil:
  • Before using, the humic stimulants can be mixed with all nitrogen, potassium and organic fertilisers, while phosphorus fertilisers should be used separately to avoid the formation of low-solubility compounds.
  • When pouring out the soil with tractors and the other machinery used in agricultural production. Used when the watering of large areas is needed.
  • When watering from containers, in which HumiPro is dissolved in the water at a certain set ratio. Used in greenhouses and households, where watering takes place from the watering containers.
  • When watering manually, using individual watering tools of a small capacity. Used when a very small area is being watered.
  • By integrating special dispensers with the connection to a local water supply system. Used for watering golf courses, city parks and squares, the lawns of hotels and individual lawns.

Our products feature a new, modern approach to this group of biologically active substances (so-called “energies”) in terms of their proportions, complexes and enrichers. Our approach is based on special raw materials that are mainly typical of the Baltic countries, which have been used for the manufacturing of our product. Unlike products of the previous generation that were presented in Europe in the form of the products for coal processing, our products are made from a biologically pure material that is similar to black soil in its properties and composition. The peculiarity of this solution guarantees a high quality product with distinctive features.

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